Who is Christian Brothers Remodeling?



Christian Brothers Remodeling was started in 1984. At its inception, it was named Christian Brothers Construction Company. The name was changed to Christian Brothers Remodeling in May of 2003 to more accurately describe its services and to avoid confusion as it was discovered there was another construction company with the same name in Indiana.


The company started by doing small remodeling jobs and then progressed to larger jobs, including several custom houses from start to finish. Because of the company’s wide array of experience, it would be difficult to find another company that not only better understands your home as a whole, but who also knows how the different parts of your home interact with each other.


Our emphasis has always been to take care of you, the customer. Because of that, the majority of our business has been through word of mouth. We generate this large volume of referral business simply because we do what it takes to make sure the job is done right. We are also a member in good standing of the Northern Indiana Better Business Bureau.




Your remodeling project will be done right or it will be free!


Now for a little bit about myself. My name is Herb Reinhard. I graduated in 1979. I held a few jobs after high school but had a strong desire to be my own boss. I started Christian Brothers Construction Company in 1984. At its inception, I was the employee, bookkeeper and manager. I’ve personally done hundreds of remodeling projects myself.

I’ve seen a lot of botched remodeling projects and repaired many poorly done projects that other contractors have done. I am committed to doing only the highest quality work

for you.